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Case Studies

Case Study #1: Managing Wealth Near Retirement 

A couple has been married for 38 years and has been preparing to begin their retirement soon. Unfortunately, one of their mothers recently passed, leaving them an inheritance, which resulted in a significant financial windfall for the couple. This couple could now reassess their retirement plans and intention to pay cash for a new home more suitable for their retirement years. They were also curious if they should sell off these inherited investments or if there was a better way to integrate them into their other savings.

How SMC Beavercreek Helped

  • We developed long-range wealth projections to quantify what kind of lifestyle they might be able to enjoy in retirement with the new money.
  • We worked with the couple and their accountant and developed a tax-efficient strategy for the cash purchase of their new home so they could be debt-free in their retirement years.
  • We developed an integrated investment strategy that called for some diversification away from municipal bonds.
  • After 70 ½, we helped the couple begin using Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) to satisfy their charitable intentions. This strategy helped them reduce future Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from their IRAs.

How This Couple Benefitted

  • The clients felt more confident in their decision to comfortably retire and continue to be charitable.
  • The couple had a better understanding that they would be able to purchase a new home (debt-free) and age in a home better suited for the years ahead.
  • The couple felt better equipped to make financial decisions because we took the time to educate them about their finances.