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Say Hello To June 🌞

Say Hello To June 🌞

June 01, 2024

June is here, ushering in the official start of summer, longer days, and a renewed sense of energy and excitement. There will be plenty to celebrate this month, with Father’s Day, graduations, Pride Month, and Juneteenth all taking place. This year, the summer solstice will be on June 20th at 4:51 pm EDT - the earliest summer solstice in 128 years! The summer solstice marks the astronomical start of summer when the sun reaches its highest and most northernmost points in the Northern Hemisphere sky, making it the day of the year we’ll have the most sunlight. 

The extra daylight this month is excellent encouragement to enjoy the outdoors. June is Great Outdoors Month, a celebration of exploring our country’s diverse landscapes. Whether you’re vacationing afar or visiting your local park, spending time outdoors offers many physical and mental health benefits. Walking, hiking, biking, and kayaking are great ways to keep our bodies active, which can help lower heart rate and blood pressure and improve our cardiovascular systems. Studies show that our minds relax in nature, which can help improve concentration, boost creativity, and lower risks of depression. So be sure to schedule some time to step outside and soak in the benefits of being in nature.

Add some yum to your summer on National Doughnut Day, June 7th. Doughnuts (or donuts – both spellings are correct) were first created by Dutch settlers in North America in the early 1800’s. Today, more than 10 billion doughnuts are consumed in the United States each year. Doughnuts are most known for their distinctive circle shape with a hole in the center. So, why do doughnuts have that hole? There are various accounts of how the hole started (our favorite: a 19th-century ship captain punched a hole in his doughnut to make it easier to grip while steering his ship), but the most likely reason is that the hole helps a doughnut cook evenly. We’d love to hear what your favorite doughnut flavor is!

Summer is a season of fun, but that fun often has risks. As National Safety Month, June is an optimal time to practice safe habits with those around us to help prepare for and prevent dangerous situations. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during summer activities: 

  • When near water, always have a “water watcher” watching those in or near the water. Be sure the watcher isn’t distracted - drowning often happens faster than we think it will.
  • “When thunder roars, head indoors.” Be sure to exit any bodies of water at the first sign of lightning or thunder and wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash before resuming outdoor activities.
  • Assemble or restock first aid kits for your home and car, and ensure everyone knows where they’re located.
  • Share your travel itinerary, including dates and locations, with a trustworthy individual before leaving home.
  • For more ways you can keep you and your loved ones safe, check out these tips from the American Red Cross

As we approach mid-year, now is the perfect time to take stock of your financial situation. A mid-year review can help you determine whether you’re making appropriate progress and uncover any need for adjustments. You’ll also want to revisit your budget and savings and consider any recent life changes that may impact your financial needs. If you’d like to schedule a mid-year check-in with us, just call our office or drop an email. We’ll get some time scheduled. Have a great summer!